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Testo 350 : Control Unit for Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems

Brand: Testo

Model No: 350

Order No: 0632 3511

Warranty: 1 Year

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Price : 5,461.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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Ideal for professional flue gas analysis and industrial emission measurement: the testo 350 flue gas analyzer performs a variety of measuring and analysis tasks, impresses over the long term thanks to its heavy-duty industrial design and is also suitable for complex data acquisition.
The testo 350 flue gas analyzer comprises two units
●  The testo 350 Control Unit with a clear graphic display enables you to control emission measurement. Operation is really easy: burner, gas turbine, engine and user-defined applications are the applications available for selection in the menu. The analyzer unit can be controlled using the Control Unit and it can also be operated in direct combination with a PC/notebook and the easyEmission software (via USB, Bluetooth® 2.0 or CANCase). After programming, the analyzer unit can carry out measurements and save the results autonomously. The Control Unit also enables remote control of the analyzer unit, even when there is a spatial separation of the flue gas pipe and the setting location – particularly recommended for emission measurements on large systems.
●  The testo 350 analyzer unit (separate product) is just what you need for carrying out emission measurement, because it contains all the sensor technology and electronics. The testo 350 analyzer unit includes an O2 gas sensor as standard, but at least one additional sensor must be connected for commissioning (can be used with a maximum of 6 sensors). When connecting the optional sensors, you can choose between gas sensors for CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S or CxHy.

The measuring range extension enables unrestricted measurements to be carried out, even when there are high gas concentrations. In order to protect the sensor technology, the measuring range extension (dilution) is automatically activated when there are unexpectedly high gas concentrations. The measuring range of a selected sensor can be extended by a specific factor. The service opening on the underside of the instrument allows fast access to all relevant serviceable and wearing parts, such as pumps and filters, enabling users to clean or replace these. In addition, the testo 350 has numerous instrument diagnosis functions. Instrument notifications are output in cleartext, making them easy to understand. The current status of the flue gas analyzer is constantly displayed.
Industrial emission measurement with the testo 350 flue gas analyzer
The testo 350 flue gas analyzer has been specially developed for the practical requirements in industrial emission measurement. You will find out more about the following in the Applications tab:
●  Emission measurement on industrial engines
●  Emission measurement on burners
●  Emission measurement on gas turbines
●  Emission measurement in thermal processes

Equipment Include
testo 350 Control Unit, rechargeable battery, data memory, USB interface, testo data bus port.


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