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About Us

Anaum Trading Company L.L.C

Located in the Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Anaum Trading Company, sells Test & Measuring Products from industry leading suppliers such as Additel, Chauvin Arnoux, Extech, FLIR, IET Lab, MadgeTech, Meriam, Kestrel, Rigol, Phase II, Scarlet, Siglent and many more. It is the company's goal to supply test equipment that provides high quality and years of service. Anaum seeks out vendors and products that meet stringent performance and quality standards.
Anaum will stand by your side for the entirety of your project. Applications engineers can help customers understand the products they are buying and make the correct decisions out in the field. They seek to understand project needs, devise a comprehensive solution, provide the equipment and know-how to implement it, and then offer long-term project support for whatever needs arise.
Our strong internet presence is complemented by outside sales support. We pride ourselves with our product knowledge, strong phone support and speedy customer service. We offer delivery services through a variety of nationwide carriers, transporters and hand delivery to have your purchases delivered to your door in a timely fashion.

Our Mission: Our primary business objective is to increase business by providing excellent service, technical support and of course, competitive pricing!


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