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Tekneka 470 Mini Hot Wire Anemometer

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: 470

Order No: 470

Range: 0 to 25m/s

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 460.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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Tekneka 470 is a compact hot wire anemometer designed for measuring air velocity (0 to 25m/s), volume flow (0 to 282600m3/h), and air temperature (0 to 50°C). It offers the convenience of easily switching between multiple parameters, the ability to customize flow area sizes, and a comfortable fit in the palm of our hands. It comes with a 2-inch display featuring larger digital numbers, the Tekneka 470 also includes useful features such as data logging, a rechargeable battery, and an extended battery life. With functions like quick switching between V/F modes, LCD backlight, MIN/MAX/AVG measurements, UNITS shifting, custom flow shapes, and calibration adjustments, it is widely utilized by HVAC maintenance and installation teams, metrologists, laboratories, wind farm site technicians, industrial air quality monitoring, and production facilities.


 Compatible for measuring extremely low air velocities, making it ideal for grilles and diffuser airflow measurement
 Simple customization of dimensions and areas for flow measurements, including rectangle, circle, and funnel shapes
 Log results in its internal memory and export (CSV/Excel) to PC via USB
 Calibration mode is available for adjusting measurement results
 Provides higher accuracy and quick response for precise measurement results
 Offers multiple functions for air velocity and flow measurement, including m/s, ft/min, m3/h, and CFM
 Features a telescopic probe with a diameter of Ø12mm, extendable up to 15-inch/38cm
 Equipped with a 2-inch LCD featuring three levels of adjustable backlight
 Effortlessly switch between air velocity and flow measurement using the V/F button
 Easy recording, viewing of measurement history, and retrieval of maximum, minimum, and average readings
 Auto power-off function to conserve battery life
 Low battery indication to prevent sudden shutdown during recording


 Tekneka 470 is widely used in the fields of the HVAC industry, metrologist, aerospace, automotive, environmental monitoring, wind energy industry, production facilities, building construction, scientific research, and home and office environment monitoring.


 470 Mini Hot Wire Anemometer
 USB Cable
 User Manual


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