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Siglent SPD1305X : Programmable DC Power Supply

Brand: Siglent

Model No: SPD1305X

Order No: SPD1305X

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 1,288.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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SPD1000X Programmable Linear DC Power Supply has a 2.8 inch TFT-LCD display, features remote computer control capability,  and real time wave display, to deliver high performance and ease-of-use. The SPD1168X features a high precision programmable output capable of delivering up to 16 V ,theSPD1305X features a high precision programmable output capable of delivering up to 30 V and also includes a 4-wire sense function for more accurate voltage sourcing, especially for long leads or high resistance connections. There are additional output short and overload protect functions to assist in production and development applications.

● Single path high-precision programmable voltage output:
    SPD1168X——16 V/8 A,total power up to 128 W
    SPD1305X——30 V/5 A,total power up to 150 W
● Stable, reliable, Low ripple and noise:≤ 350 uVrms/3 mVpp; < 2 mArms
● Fast transient response time: < 50 μs
● 5 digit Voltage, 4 digit Current Display, Minimum Resolution: 1 mV/1 mA
● Supports front panel timing output functions
● 2.8 inch true color TFT- LCD 240 *320 display
● 2 types of output modes:Two-wire output mode, 4-wire compensation output mode,Maximum compensation voltage 1V
● 100/120/220/230 V compatible design to meet the needs of different power grids
● Intelligent temperature-controlled fanreduces noise
● Clear graphical interface, with the waveform display function
● Internal 5 groups of system parameter save/recall
● Includes PC software: Easypower, supports SCPI, LabView driver



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