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JBC CD-2SQF Compact Soldering Station (230V)

Brand: JBC

Model No: CD-2SQF

Order No: CD-2SQF

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 2,524.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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The JBC CD-2SQF compact soldering station is ideal when working on populated PCBs or under a magnifying glass. It uses T210 precision handle, the perfect handpiece for accuracy soldering jobs with medium power requirements and T210 works with C210 cartridge range. The station includes fast and easy configuration of the station thanks to the 7-key keypad. Cartridge holder to store up to four cartridges, as well as cartridge extractor and cable collector. Connectivity to JBC fume extractor. It provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC most efficient soldering system and additionally, sleep and hibernation modes help to extend the life of tips. The compact heating elements in the cartridges optimize heat transfer by reducing the thermal barriers. The fully integrated thermal sensor to the heater ensures an extremely quick temperature recovery. The JBC CD-2SQF increases the performance by using an intelligent algorithm in the heating control system. It also allows the user to change cartridges quickly and safely without switching OFF.


 Earthing fuse: F 1.25A
 Power supply: 40W (23.5V)
 Operating temperature: 10 to 50ºC (50 to 122ºF)
 Selectable temperature: 90 to 450ºC (190 to 840ºF)
 Equipotential bonding: Optional connection to EPA
 Dimensions: 234 x 234 x 258mm
 Net weight: 3.27kg


CD control unit (230V)
T210-A precision purpose handle

EU power cord
Instruction manual

Note: Soldering tip not included


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