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ITech IT8511A+ Electronic DC Load

Brand: Itech

Model No: IT8511A+

Order No: IT8511A+

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 2,519.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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The ITECH IT8500+ series is a single-channel programmable electronic load . With power ranges from 150W to 3000W . The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel . It also offers a full - featured battery mode for discharging test . IT8500+ series DC loads are a versatile instrument for static and dynamic testing of power supplies , batteries , DC - DC converters , battery chargers , provides user the best testing solution.

 Highlight VFD display
 Dynamic mode:up to 10kHz
Resolution of voltage and current: 0.1 mV / 0.1 mA
 Four working modes: CV / CC / CR / CP
 Remote sensing function
 Battery test,automatic test, OPP test, OCP test functions. The load will default in the specified mode when turn it on.
 Storage for 100 sets
 Short-circuit function
 Test function
 Current monitoring function
 Power off memory function
 With rotary coding switch to make an easy operation
 Portable strong case equipped with non-slip feet
 Intelligent fans cooling
 Built-in Buzzer function

 Smallest size among similar products


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