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HIKMICRO Falcon FQ50 Handheld Thermal Monocular Camera


Model No: Falcon FQ50

Order No: HM-TS46-50XG/W-FQ50

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 13,295.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The HIKMICRO Falcon FQ50 Handheld Thermal Monocular Camera is equipped with a 640 x 512 infrared detector and a 1,024 x 768 OLED display. It supports functions of observation, distance measurement, Wi-Fi hot spot, and more. The high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector provides you with a clear view even in total darkness. The monocular is mainly applied to scenarios such as searching and rescuing, hiking, travel, hunting, livestock theft, and security.


 640 x 512 resolution with a 12µm sensor
 High sensitivity thermal module NETD <20mK (@25º, F# = 1.0)
 Super large aperture F0.9
 Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery
 Up to 5 hours of continuous operation
 Leading thermal image processing technology: Image Pro
 1,024 x 768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display


 Image Sensor: VOx uncooled focal plane arrays
 Resolution: 640 x 512
 Frame Rate: 50Hz
 Pixel Interval: 12μm
 Response Waveband: 8μm to 14μm
 NETD: ≤20 mK (@25°C), F#=1.0
 Focal Length: 50mm
 Field of View: 8.75° × 12.2° (H x V)
 Aperture: F1.0
 Focusing Distance: 5m
 Optical Magnification: 2.6
 Detection Range: 2,600m

 Monitor: 0.39-inch, OLED, 1,024 x 768
 FFC (Flat Field Correction): Auto, manual, external correction
 Palettes: Black hot, White hot, Red hot, Fusion

 Storage: Built-in memory module (64GB)
 Record Video: Yes
 Capture Snapshot: Yes
 Standby Mode: Yes
 Wi-Fi Hot Spot: Yes
 Hot Track: Yes

 Power: 5V, 2.1W
 Battery Type: Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery
 Battery Operating Time: 5 hours continuous running with CVBA and hotspot function off (25°C)

 Working Temperature: -30°C to 55°C; Humidity: 90% or less
 Protection Level: IP67
 Dimension: 200.4 x 78 x 67.8mm
 Weight: 636g


 HIKMICRO Falcon FQ50 Handheld Thermal Monocular Camera
 1 x USB Cable
 1 x Protective Bag 
 1 x Wrist Strap 
 1 x Carrying Case 
 1 x Charger 
 2 x Cell 
 1 x Neck Straps 
 1 x Non-dust Cloth 
 1 x Quick Start Guide


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Worth every penny.

This unit is fantastic. It wasn't cheap, but I’ve always preferred spending a little more for quality products. Within minutes of testing the unit, the price tag was no longer an issue. The Hikmicro Falcon FQ50’s easily outperforms the competition in the respective price class. The specs claim a detection range of 2600 meters, but I feel Hikmicro deliberately understated the capabilities of this unit. It easily detects jets beyond 3 kms. Viewing the world in the thermal spectrum range is unique and thoroughly mind-blowing. The controls are intuitive and you can easily cycle through the menu with one hand as you are looking through the optic. You can zoom up to 8x, but this is a digital zoom so the image gets pixelated. There are 4 different viewing modes, and you will see that certain modes work better in certain conditions. The Fusion and Red-hot modes are amazing, but if you want to track things in the sky the Black-hot is outstanding. There is an cool app for the unit that allows you to project the viewfinder image onto your cell. You can also easily transfer recorded images and video to a laptop. I found the build quality on par or better for a unit in this price range. So far I have zero complaints and I continue to be amazed every time I use the unit. Great product Hikmicro!!