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Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 Power & Energy Logger

Brand: Chauvin Arnoux

Model No: PEL104

Order No: P01157154

Warranty: 1 Year

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Price : 10,235.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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The PEL104 power logger measures and records all the useful data for energy consumption diagnostics. The PEL104 can be used without cutting off the mains power supply.

Portable, rugged and compact, its magnetized casing makes it easy to set up, including in an electrical cabinet. The PEL104 is a logger equipped with 3 voltage channels and 3 current channels. No more battery problems, as the logger self-powers directly via the phase by means of the accessory included.
The backlit LCD screen equipped with a triple digital display is particularly easy to read.
The PEL 104 is equipped with an SD card capable of storing several years' data, an ideal function for measurement campaigns.

Suitable for all types of electrical networks, the PEL104 automatically recognizes the sensors connected. It measures voltage up 1,000 VAC/VDC and current up to 10 kAAC / 5 kADC. Its wide measurement ranges enable it to record power values up to 10 GW/Gvar/GVA, and energy up to 4 EWh/EVAh/Evarh.
It is equipped with an Alarm mode. The user can define limits and a list of events is recorded.

The PEL104 is equipped with multiple communication modes: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G/GPRS.
The new 3G/GPRS mode allows users to insert a SIM card in the PEL for remote connection via a GSM 3G link. Because measurement campaigns often stretch over several days or weeks, it is important to check that the PEL is functioning correctly during this period.
With all these modes, it is possible to monitor the measurements in real time and recover the measurement data remotely anywhere in the world.
When an alarm is triggered, users can automatically receive an email alert.

In the field, the dedicated ANDROID application can be used to check that the PEL is operating correctly and to modify its configuration. This function enables measurements for applications on motors: rotation speed, torque and engine efficiency. No more need to add specific sensors in order to monitor a motor's behaviour in real time.

The PEL Transfer software can be used to analyse the data recorded with the PEL100 models. On the basis of the power measurement campaigns performed, the software automatically decomposes the losses detected.
New: the software directly calculates the cost of the power consumed and gives the result in the local currency selected.
The DATAVIEW software platform can be used to generate reports. Users can set alarm thresholds on the various measurements made in order to obtain a customized measurement report.

Additional specifications:

 5 measurements per second, simultaneously on each phase
 Active, apparent and reactive power values
 Phase: cos phi, tan PHI, PF

Important Note: Current clamps not included, please refer to product datasheet for more details


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