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Atten AT-8586 2 in 1 Rework Station

Brand: Atten

Model No: AT-8586

Order No: AT-8586

Range: 100 to 500°C (Hot Air Rework Station)

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 545.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The Atten AT-8586 is a practical addition to your workplace. The rework station can be used for repair and soldering applications. The soldering iron and the hot air iron can be used simultaneously or separately. On the LED screen the temperature of the used tool is displayed. The station also has an auto-sleep function and a good cooling system, which extends the life of the station. The hot air bolt can supply a power of 700 watts and the temperature is adjustable between 100 and 500°F. The fan blows approximately 120 liters of air per minute and 3 nozzles are included, allowing fast and precise operation.


 Iron heater with low voltage to effectively protect sensitive electronic components
Intelligent cooling system and delayed shut-off function to extend the life of the device
 Can be used for SMD soldering and removal of SMD components from prototypes using a hot air
LED display showing the current operating temperature values, and controlled by a precise knob and function keys
 Auto sleep functions to save energy, Intelligent fault detection and signaling, and Digital airflow step control (A25-A99)


Hot Air Rework Station:

 Power Consumption: 700W
 Temperature Range: 100 to 500°C
 Air Flow Stages: A25-A99
Air Flow Rate: 120 liters/minute

Soldering Tip:

 Power Consumption: 50W
 Temperature Range: 150 to 480°C
 Temperature Stability: ±1°C
Grounding Impedance: <2Ω
Grounding Voltage: <2mV


 1 x Soldering Station (Atten AT-8586)
 1 x Soldering Iron
 1 x Soldering Iron Holder
 1 x Power Cord
 1 x Sponge
 User Manual


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