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Anaum AN3100 : Pressure Gauge, 0~25 bar, 100mm dia, 1/2" NPT

Brand: anaum

Model No: AN3100-GP350-N2

Order No: AN3100-GP350-N2

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Price : 155.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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 Stainless Steel is used for Bourdon-Tube, Case and Connection (High durability for corrosive pressurized fluids)
 Bourdon-Tube and connection are Arc welded (Corrosive resistance is assured in all parts)
 DIN Standard is applied. (DIN EN 837-1)
 Scale ranges - bar & psi
 Design is liquid fillable
 Power Plants (Thermal power plant, Hydraulic power plant, Nuclear power plant)
 Petrochemical plants, ship, food industry and etc
 Pure fluid (no contain any particle of solid or high viscosity)
 Bourdon Tube : Stainless Steel SS304, SS316
 Movement : Stainless Steel SS304
 Dial : Aluminum, white, black lettering , serial number
 Pointer : Aluminum, black
 Case : Stainless Steel SS304
 Window : Laminated safety glass
 Dial Size : 100mm

Measuring Range  : 25 bar / 350 psi
Accuracy : 100mm Dial Size: 1.0% of Full Scale (1.0 grade) Mark FS1.0
End Connection : NL - 1/2 inch Male NPT - Bottom Mount

Operating Temperature
 Unfilled : -40 to 60 degree C
 Glycerin filled : -20 to 60 degree C


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