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Tekneka TK10 AC Voltage Detector

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: TK10

Order No: TK10

Range: 12 to 1000V

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 58.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The TK10 by Tekneka is capable of detecting AC voltage in electrical components such as cords, wires, circuit breakers, switches, and power outlets as well as in security, entertainment, communication, environmental control, and irrigation systems. By displaying a sensitive level and sounding an alarm, the integrated non-contact voltage (NCV) detects the live voltage. The compact LED display can show the temperature of the surrounding area and deliver voltage alarms in multiple colors. An LED flashlight is included with the TK10 to enhance visibility in low-light areas.


 Small LED display with RED (High) and GREEN (Low) AC voltage visual alarm
 Easy conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit values for temperature measurement
 Non-contact voltage detector (NCV) built-in with a beeping sound
 Create a RED color LED light at the tip and an indicator for low battery
 Features a 5-level unique sensitivity adjusting option
 When it's dark outside, you can utilize the built-in LED flashlight
 A portable tool with a pocket clip for simple daily transportation
 Reduces the possibility of electrocution or circuit damage


 Use this AC voltage detector to swiftly determine whether wall sockets, cables, and electrical outlets are in a live state. widely used by electricians, maintenance staff, safety workers, and homeowners may swiftly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home and can discover improper wiring of an electrical outlet.


 TK10 AC Voltage Detector
 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries
 User Manual


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