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Scarlet PS-714 WindPro Wireless Wind Monitor System

Brand: Scarlet

Model No: WindPro Online

Order No: PS-714

Range: 0.1 to 50m/s

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 8,855.00 SAR (Including VAT)

Scarlet WindPro is a stand-alone system that helps users get real-time site wind information, anywhere, from any smart device by simply logging into the Scarlet web portal. The novel Smart Wind Monitoring System perfectly solves the spatial limitation that has long troubled users from large-scale constructions, marine ports, and offshore sites. The Scarlet Wind Pro cloud-based web hub supports unlimited data storage of 24/7 wind conditions and auto report generation. Multiple users can acquire synchronized live wind data from individual smart devices at the same time regardless of where they are through this smart system. By using Scarlet Wind Pro, users are no more restricted to monitoring wind on-site in person but can freely observe wind either from PC, laptops, smartphones, or tablets at a remote distance. It helps you to deliver the best operation strategy for your project. Scarlet Wind ProTM is the optimal savior for users who wants to manage their worksite smartly and reduce costly accidents and risks in the team. Scarlet WindPro applies state-of-art proven radio frequency wireless technology and Wi-Fi. The robust wind speed, direction, and temperature sensor collect and push real-time data to the internet for further analysis. The system consists of 3 components: wind sensor, gateway, and web service.


 Synchronized data on monitor display and web portal
 Long-range transmission distance
 Extremely easy mounting with magnetic & self-leveling mounting
 Integrated alarm & pre-alarm warning lights
 Built-in audible alarm ‧4 programmable alarm relay outputs
 Backlighted graphic LCD with large digits
 4 years sensor battery life


 24/7 Online Wind Monitoring
 Historical Data Analysis
 Cloud-based Platform with Unlimited Data Storage
 Manage Worksites Smartly and Safely
 Automatically Data Logging by User Default


 Offshore Platform
 Extreme Sport


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