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Phase II PHT-960 : Shore A Durometer

Brand: Phase II

Model No: PHT-960

Order No: PHT-960

Warranty: 1 Year

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Model No. PHT-960   Shore A Durometer
Shore A scale is for testing the following materials:
Rubber: Soft vulcanized (ie tyre), natural nitrile, Elastomeretric materials (rubber & rubber like): GR-S, GR-1, neopene, thiokol, flexible polyacrylic esters neoprene, thiokol, flexible polyacrilic esters.
Other: Wax, felt, leather etc. (materials that normally yield under fingernail pressure, such as the heel on your shoe).

● Measuring range: 0-100 HSA/HSD
● Deviation: <1%H
● Resolution: 0.5H
● Digital read out
● Auto Hold feature
● HSA<+/-1 grade
● Uses 1-SR44 Button Cell Battery
● Custom rugged carry case
Designed to test the hardness of Rubbers and Plastics
These sleek hand held hardness testers are crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy. An ergonomic lightweight design assists in taking precise and consistent hardness measurements.


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