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PCE-CT 26FN Coating Thickness Gauge

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-CT 26FN

Order No: PCE-CT 26FN

Range: 0 to 1250μm

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 753.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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The PCE-CT 26FN coating thickness gauge can measure non-destructive coatings (paints, plastics) on steel/iron and non-ferrous metals. The coating thickness gauge is ideally suited, for example, to detect accidental damage to the vehicle immediately. But also in the industrial sector, the PCE-CT 26FN coating thickness gauge is used for incoming and outgoing inspection in order to be able to offer consistently consistent product qualities. The ergonomically shaped coating thickness gauge with integrated probe and very simple operation allows you to quickly determine measurement results with high accuracy. The coating thickness gauge PCE-CT 26FN is designed for measurements of non-magnetic coatings such as lacquer, plastic, chrome, copper, zinc, enamel, etc. on steel and iron, as well as all insulating coatings such as lacquer, plastic, enamel, paper, glass, rubber, etc. on copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Simply place the coating thickness gauge u. read the measured value. You can easily measure varnish and paint layers, plastic layers, chrome layers, copper plating, zinc layers, galvanizing, and enamel on steel, stainless steel, iron, and similar materials. Non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, brass) and anodized aluminum. By means of the included standards, you can adjust the coating thickness gauge at any time. To do this, the coating thickness gauge must be placed on one of the foils. Please make sure that the meter is seated straight/level.


 Immediately ready to measure
 Wear-resistant sensor
 V-groove for measurement on pipes
 One-handed operation
 ISO calibration optional


 1 x PCE-CT 26FN Coating Thickness Gauge 
 1 x Set of Calibration Foils (5 pieces)
 1 x Fe Standard Block
 1 x NFe Standard Block
 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries
 1 x User Manual
 1 x Carrying Case


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