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Meriam MFC5150X : HART Communicator (ATEX)


Brand: Meriam

Model No: MFC5150X

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 24,794.00 SAR (Including VAT)
The MFC5150 HART® Communicator is Meriam’s latest addition to our product line of calibrators and communicators. Available in Atex (intrinsically safe) and non-Atex models, the MFC5150 directly reads Device Descriptions without any translations or subscriptions, enabling communication to take place with any registered or unregistered HART® device…ensuring your HART® transmitter will connect, regardless of brand or model. The MFC5150 is built on the SDC-625 infrastructure and runs Windows CE. With a 1GHz processor and an 4GBMicro SD card, the communicator is ideal for all your data storage needs. The 4.3 inch touchscreen provides excellent anti-glare viewing, allowing the user comfortable use in darkness or in bright sunlight. All functions are easily navigated via the full QWERTY keyboard and intuitive icons similar to that of a smart phone. There are also hyperlink menu paths, teachable device specific shortcuts, instant on, multiple languages, help context, video’s and TAB access to panes just like on a computer.

Standard Features Include
  • Reads manufacturers' DDs in their native format from any HART registered or unregistered device. No translations needed.
  • ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) and non-Atex models available
  • Rechargeable Battery with 10 hrs continuous, 20hrs standard use and 200 hrs standby/hibernate
  • Charging cradle with USB connection
  • No subscriptions required