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intelliRock II : Concrete Maturity, Temperature & Moisture Measurement System

Brand: Engius



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Price : 8,223.00 SAR (Including VAT)

intelliRock II is the second generation intelliRock system designed to give construction professionals the real-time information needed to safely and efficiently manage concrete-related workflow.

Innovative Design

The system consists of a range of sensors/loggers which measure and record physical properties of in-place concrete, a reader which is used to communicate with loggers and shuttle information back to a PC, and comprehensive software solutions to effectively analyze job-site information and communicate that information effectively. This innovative design allows a single reader to be used simultaneously with an unlimited number of loggers and with any type of logger in the intelliRock II family.

Key Features

  • Provides uninterruptible, real-time measurements of the placed concrete any time during a project.
  • Provides unalterable, secure data files to ensure data integrity.
  • Intelligence is housed directly in the embedded logger, keeping it safe from accidents and vandalism.
  • Job site ID and placement notes stored with sensor data, this simplifies organization and processing of data, particularly from sites where large numbers of sensors are in use.
  • Data is permanent and traceable.
  • Real-time clock time stamps critical construction activities.
  • Data-lock function within loggers prevents tampering.
  • Sensor data is hard-coded in situ and encrypted, assuring that data is unalterable.
  • Reports temperature data in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Hand-held readers collect data from an unlimited number of sensors, organize and track data at any time, read concrete data on demand, and require no permanent connection between sensors and readers.


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