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Extech 401025: Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter

Brand: Extech Instruments

Model No: 401025

Order No: 401025

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 709.00 SAR (Including VAT)

401025 is a Foot Candle/Lux Meter which measures light level to 5000FC (foot-candles) and 50,000 Lux with a 5% accuracy using a precision photo diode and color correction filter. Meter features fast/slow response time and an analog output (1mV per count) for capturing readings to a recorder. Comes complete with 9-Volt battery.

  • Accurately displays light level in terms of Fc or Lux over three ranges
  • Select fast (1 second) or slow (2 seconds) response time
  • Analog output of 1mV per count for capturing readings to a recorder