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DeltaTrak 12214 Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit

Brand: DeltaTrak

Model No: 12214

Order No: 12214

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 161.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The Dishwasher Kit (Model 12214) ensures that the minimum sanitizing temperature has been reached during the final rinse cycle in high temperature dishwashers. It also helps to control use of energy for hot water generation, which can provide significant cost savings over T-Sticks and thermal labels. This food sanitation solution uses an NSF certified thermometer encased in a protective plastic heat shield to ensure the long term integrity of the LCD display. The thermometer body is housed in the shield while the probe is exposed to verify that minimum sanitizing temperature has been reached.

NSF Certified
°C/°F selectable
Min/Max memory
IP65 waterproof/plastic protective heat shield with velcro strap
Use to comply with FDA Food Code 4-703.11 (B)

Applications: Commercial Dishwashers and Warewashers