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Chauvin Arnoux CA10101 Portable pH-Meter

SKU P01710010

Brand: Chauvin Arnoux

Model No: CA10101

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock


Price : 2,500.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The C.A 10101 portable pH-meter from CHAUVIN ARNOUX is ideal for mobile applications: in the field, in the laboratory or in production. It can be used for quick, accurate, professional measurements of pH, Redox potential and temperature

Rugged, waterproof casing (IP67)

All-terrain use
Designed to withstand difficult conditions outdoors or in the laboratory, this pH-meter has a rugged, totally waterproof casing which complies with the IP67 standard. In addition, the connector remains waterproof even when the pH or redox sensor is not connected. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its shockproof protective sheath, the instrument is ideal for mobile use.

Extra-wide backlit LCD screen

Easy and comfortable to read
The C.A 10101 pH-meter is equipped with a wide multi-display screen which is particularly easy to read. The backlighting ensures that it is clearly visible even in dark environments.

Simplified, intuitive menu

Effective mobile measurements to save time
Guided calibration with a customizable list of buffer solutions ensures that you save time. In addition, the signal stability indicator enables you to be sure that you take the measurement at the right moment.

Manual or automatic storage of 100,000 time/date-stamped measurements

Maximizing battery life
The C.A 10101 pH-meter can record 100,000 values on request or automatically. It can be connected to a computer via USB and is compatible with the Data Logger Transfer software (included in the standard state at delivery). This software can be used to configure the instrument, view the data, recover the recorded measurements (samples and calibrations), program recordings and export data.

To facilitate your work in the field, the pH-meter is supplied with an XRGST1 pH electrode and a carrying case pre-equipped with slots for beakers and buffer solutions. The XRGST1 electrode has a built-in temperature sensor and a gel reference system, making it ideal for use in standard aqueous specimens and in drinking water.