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Atten MS-300 3 In 1 Rework Station

Brand: Atten

Model No: MS-300

Order No: MS-300

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,840.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The Atten ST-862D hot air soldering station is a unit with 1000 watts of power, whereby the station reaches operating temperature very quickly. The temperature can be set manually between 100 and 480°C or set to one of three user-defined temperatures at the push of a button. The device has an adjustable volume flow (max. 120 L / min). With the silicone buttons, temperature & volume flow as well as a variety of built-in functions such as an auto-sleep function can be regulated. In addition, the system has an overheating protection system and a good cooling system that allows very long operation.


 LCD display screen making control visualization
 Temperature unite switching function
 Temperature locking, timed work function
 Strong air volume with brushless fan
 Compensation for constant working

 Easy to replace with a pluggable heater
 Convertible with straight air and spiral air
 MCU-controlled temperature calibration

The Atten ST-965 soldering station has a high-quality heating element with 65 watts of power. The ST-965 is equipped with a user-friendly display. The soldering station automatically lowers the temperature to 200°C when not in use. This enables a longer service life of the soldering tip. Three different soldering temperatures can easily be programmed individually and can be called up directly by pressing the appropriate selection key.


 Maximum Power of 65W, soldering iron 28V AC
 Very fast heating: from room temperature to 350 ° C only approx. 10 s
 Internally heated soldering tip, fast and efficient heat transfer to the entire soldering tip
 High-contrast multifunction LC display for status and programming display
 Control of operational readiness by bar display
 Soldering iron with flexible connection cable
 Soldering tip temperature freely selectable between 200°C and 450°C
 3 freely adjustable temperature memories
 Exact calibration of the temperature possible, calibration range ±50°C
 Temperature stability: ±1°C (without load / MCU-controlled temperature calibration)
 Temperature setting possible in 5-degree or 1-degree steps
 Automatic, adjustable temperature reduction in soldering breaks to 200°C
 Protection against changing the soldering tip temperature
 Warning in the event of device malfunctions
 Acoustic feedback when a button is pressed (can be switched off)
 ESD-safe design, low-voltage heating completely separated from the power supply
 Freely adjustable soldering iron holder
 High-quality four-wire heating element with silver alloy for quick heating
 Intelligent detection of work or non-work status
 Low voltage heating separated from the power supply to make the soldering work safer
 Interchangeable 900M series (soldering tips) to save usage costs
 Password protection function and temperature unit switching function

The Atten APS15-3A is an adjustable laboratory power supply with a maximum output power of 56W. The voltage can be adjusted in fine steps between 0-15 V. The current intensity can be switched between 0.5 and 3A with a switch. The device has an LCD screen and an analog display. The power supply unit of the APS series was developed for the requirements of communication maintenance technicians, schools, and developers. The product uses a series type regulated voltage scheme with the best current stability and is controlled by a digital MCU chip. It is characterized by very high stability and low residual ripple, simple operation and control as well as a large number of protective functions, it is particularly suitable for use in the communications industry.


 Digital control, serial setting mode control, low ripple, low noise, and high stability.
 Suitable for use with communication devices
 Fast dynamic load response speed, optimized processing for communication devices
 Independent 5V USB interface that provides 2.1A current output with overcurrent and short circuit protection
 Voltage and current can be switched in 2 stages to adapt to different devices, the voltage can be adjusted dynamically
 Built-in automatic voltage response adjustment function, which may be more suitable for full load use
 The digital encoder adjusts the voltage and can switch between coarse adjustment and fine adjustment, more precise control, and for a longer device service life
 Initial setting lock function, alarm function which can effectively prevent the wrong operation
 Intelligent fan control is automatically controlled according to the temperature of the internal power supply


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