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GW Instek GPD-3303S Multiple Output Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

Brand: GW Instek

Model No: GPD-3303S

Order No: GPD-3303S

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 2,990.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The GW Instek GPD-3303S 3 Channel Programmable Linear DC Power Supply, 195 W, 1 mV/1mA contains the superior technology and high quality which GW lnstek had established through its long history of power supply design and manufacturing. The GPD-3303S offers digital panel control, large display, bright LED indicators, high output resolution, 4 sets of setup memory, USB remote control and smart cooling fan control. Additionally, the GPD-3303S provides easy operation and a wide selection of panel settings. With 1 mV/1mA high resolution and coarse/fine volume control, the GPD-3303S guarantees clean and stable output. Using the GPD-3303S you can easily simulate the device under test, comparing accurate behavior against small changes in voltage or current, which is impossible when using a low resolution power supply.

Tracking series and parallel function allows you to use the GPD-3303S in a wide range of applications. The tracking series mode guarantees higher output voltage, while the tracking parallel mode guarantees higher output current. The GPD-3303S knobs are digitally controlled, allowing for fine or coarse volume settings. The key lock feature locks panel operations, preventing accidental settings changes, which might damage the equipment. The GPD-3303S can save and recall panel settings, quickly select a panel setting from the four memory sets without the need for manual configuration.


● 2/3/4 Independent Isolated Output
● 4 LED Display Sets: 3 digits after decimal point
● Minimum Resolution: 1 mV/1mA (GPD-2303D/GPD-3303S/GPD-4303S)
● Digital Panel Control (rotary encoder Switch and rubber key with indicator)
 User-friendly operation and coarse/fine volume control
 4 Sets Save/Recall
● Output ON/OFF
● Tracking Series and Parallel mode
● Smart cooling fan achieving low noise
● USB Standard Interface
● PC Software & USB Driver
● Labview driver


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