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PCE-HT 110 Humidity / Temperature Data Logger

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-HT 110

Order No: PCE-HT 110

Warranty: 6 Months

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 966.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The PCE-HT110 Humidity / Temperature Data Logger or Humidity Detector precisely measures air temperature and relative humidity. This accurate and reliable device shows the current measurements on the large LCD display and saves the measurement data directly to an SD card (included). The PCE-HT110 is equipped with two channels, accommodates an SD card memory of up to 16 GB, offers an adjustable measurement rate / sampling interval, and includes a wall mount, making the device ideal for logging data over an extended period of time.

The PCE-HT110 Humidity Detector can be used to monitor climate-controlled environments such as supermarket refrigerators, refrigerated / reefer trucks and cold storage units. It is also useful for monitoring home HVAC systems, wood floor installations, cigar humidors, industrial heating and cooling processes, machine operating temperatures and product storage / warehouse conditions.

The PCE-HT110 comes factory calibrated. For an additional fee, the PCE-HT110 can be calibrated according to ISO standards. See accessories for details.

Customer Review

"We use a humidity / temperature monitor from the PCE Group, Model PCE-HT110. It logs both temperature and humidity on an ongoing basis at regular intervals. The measurements are stored on an SD card which allows one to download the data to a spreadsheet for reference. Prior to receiving the unit, PCE sent it to a certified calibration service to ensure the unit was recording accurately. This has been very helpful to our work. A bonus is, by having the unit mounted on the job site, everyone is constantly reminded of the environmental conditions and can correct as necessary."
— Jerry Wilson, Interior Architecture, Design and Certified General Contractor, Bespoke Design & Consulting, Juno Beach, Florida, USA

●  Low battery indication
●  Programmable date and time
●  Impact-resistant electrical components
●  Sturdy, dust- and water-resistant enclosure
  .XLS data format (compatible with Microsoft Excel)
●  Battery powered (optional 9V AC adapter available)
  Optional USB data cable incl. software allows real-time data visualization via PC


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