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PCE-DHM 10 Microscope

Brand: PCE

Model No: PCE-DHM 10

Order No: PCE-DHM 10

Warranty: 6 Months

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Price : 1,190.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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Thanks to the integrated 7.62cm/3" TFT color display and Li-Ion batteries, the microscope PCE-DHM 10 can be PC-independent and therefore used completely mobile. Being equipped with 8 white LEDs increases the microscope up to a 500-fold size and thus captures even the smallest details in an image or video. The integrated 5-megapixel camera (12 megapixels interpolated) also provides sharp images of the magnified object. With the zoom button image details can be enlarged directly on the TFT color monitor and videos can be played. As with a conventional digital camera, images captured by the microscope PCE-DHM 10 are stored directly on a MicroSD memory card. The recordings can then be transferred via the USB 2.0 port on your computer or laptop. With its digital technology, the microscope PCE-DHM 10 is very versatile: It is suitable for examining, measuring, and photographing the smallest items at home or traveling, school, university, research, and professional applications, e.g. in industrial surface inspection and in hobbies and leisure. Using the included software, pictures, and videos can be stored, archived, or sent via e-mail to friends, acquaintances, or business partners.


 A retractable 7.62cm/3" TFT color display
 CMOS image sensor 5.0 megapixels
 Image Resolution: 12 million (interpolated), 9 million (interpolated), 5 million, 3 million, 1.3 million, VGA
 Shutter Speed: 1 sec to 1/1000 sec
 Focusing: 10 to 30mm/0.39 to 1.2"
 Button for image storage
 Button for Digital Zoom (4x)
 Magnification is approximately 20 and 200-fold, 500-fold (based on 5-megapixel resolution)
 Software for scale measurements of distances and surfaces in an enlarged view
 Capture software for video recording
 Resolution for Video Recording: VGA and QVGA
 Dual Axis 27X & 100X Microscope Lens
 Lighting: 8 white LEDs
 PC-independent storage on MicroSD cards up to 32GB
 Connection via USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 reduced resolution)


 1 x PCE-DHM 10 Microscope
 1 x USB Cable
 1 x Stand
 1 x User Manual
 1 x Software


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