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HIKMICRO E1L Handheld Thermography Camera


Model No: E1L

Order No: HM-TP31-3AUF-E1L

Range: -20°C to 550°C

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 1,548.00 SAR (Including VAT)

The HIKMICRO E1L Thermographic Handheld Camera is a camera with thermal imaging capabilities. It can do thermography and snapshot capturing. The built-in high-sensitivity IR detector and the high-performance sensor detect the temperature change and measure the real-time temperature. The temperature measurement range is -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F) with thermometry accuracy ±2°C. It helps the users to find the risky part and lower their property loss. The device supports live viewing and capturing, etc. The handheld Thermography camera, adopting an ergonomic design, is easy to use.


 Thermal resolution: 160 x 120 (19,200px)
NETD: <40mK (@ 25°C, F#=1.0)
Accuracy: Maximum (±2°C or ±2%)
Measurement presets: Center spot, Hot spot, Cold spot, Off
Temperature measurement range: -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F)
Measurement presets: Center spot, Hot spot, Cold spot, Off
Up to 8 hours continuous runtime and 25Hz image frequency