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Siglent USB-GPIB Adapter

Brand: siglent

Model No: USB-GPIB

Order No: USB-GPIB

Warranty: 6 months

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 575.00 SAR (Including VAT)

Siglent's USB-GPIB adapter is used with a Siglent instrument with the USB Host interface but no GPIB interface (eg SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope). This GPIB connector end follows the IEEE 488.2 standard and the USB connection terminal follows the USB 2.0 specification.


 The GPIB interface is only supported in the Device model and does not support Controller mode
This adapter is powered by the USB Host interface power supply, no external power supply is required
The adapter communicates with the Siglent instrument through its USB Host interface using GPIB control


 SDM3065X / SDM3055 / SDM3045X digital multimeters
SDG6000X / SDG5000 / SDG2000X / SDG1000X / SDG1000 arbitrary waveform generators
SSA3000X / SVA1000X spectrum analyzers
SDS1000CFL oscilloscopes
SSG3000X / -IQE series of RF generators
SSG5000X / -V series RF generators

Note: Not compatible with the SDS1000X, X-E, or SDS2000X families of oscilloscopes