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Fluke TLK282 SureGrip Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit

Brand: Fluke

Model No: TLK282

Order No: TLK282

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 830.00 SAR (Including VAT)

Everything you can find in the Fluke TLK281 Automotive Test Lead Kit, plus a few extras. Use the back probe pins to slide into weather pack connectors on fuel injectors, TPS, and MAP sensors. A hook probe with plunger actuation allows quick connection to pins or exposed conductors.


 TP81 Insulation Piercing Clip Set
 TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)
 TL224 Suregrip™ Silicone Test Lead Set
 TP220 Suregrip™ Test Probe Set
 AC220 Suregrip™ Alligator Clip Set
 AC285 Suregrip™ Large Jaw Alligator Clip Set
 Soft Case