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Fluke 80PK-1: Type K Bead Probe (-40 to 260 °C)

Brand: Fluke

Model No: 80PK-1

Order No: 80PK-1

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The 80PK-1 is a Type K Bead Thermocouple designed for general purpose temperature measuring applications. It has an extremely fast response time, due to the low thermal mass of the exposed tip. The 40-inch (1-meter) Teflon cable is terminated with a Type K miniature thermocouple connector with 0.312-inch (0.792-mm) pin spacing. The 80PK-1 can be used with any temperature measuring instrument that is designed to accept Type K thermocouples and that has a miniature connector input.
The 80PK-1 must be used in Teflon-compatible environments andis not suitable for liquid immersion. Above 260°C (500°F), Teflonwill emit toxic fumes.