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Scarlet WS-E10 Ex-Proof Wireless Anemometer

Brand: Scarlet

Model No: WS-E10

Order No: PS-152

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : 13,283.00 SAR (Including VAT)

Scarlet Long Range Wireless Explosion Proof Anemometer Series provides two reliable solutions for hazardous areas, WS-E10 ( Explosion-proof Wind speed meter) and WSD-E11 (Explosion-proof wind speed+direction meter). Both adopt state-of-art wireless technology and obtain ATEX and IECEX certification. Scarlet WS-E10/WSD-E11, with its high-end design and intrinsically safe features, make it the ultimate solution to improve worksite safety. Scarlet WS-E10/WSD-E11 stands out for its wireless technology, unlike the existing explosion-proof anemometers in the market. Operators can monitor the wind condition safely without a cable connection. Integration with your safety system is also feasible via 4-20mA industrial output. Optional Bluetooth connectivity allows users to monitor wind conditions in real-time on their smartphones by using Scarlet Windsmart App. Scarlet aims to improve operational safety in harsh environments with all these unique features.


● Certified as EX 2G Ex ib II. Monitor wind conditions in hazardous areas
● IP67 Water-proof. Withstands harsh environments
● Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth and using Windsmart iOS/Android App
● Four years of sensor battery life
● Integrated alarm & pre-alarm warning lights
● Build-in audible alarm
● Four programmable contact relay outputs
● Backlighted graphic LCD with large digits 


● Real-time wind speed and direction
● Bar graph of wind gusts in the last 2 minutes
● Four programmable contact relay outputs
● 4-20 mA industrial outputs, allows external devices connectivity
● 8 hours of wind speed data on the history graph
● Multiple display units connected to one sensor, synchronized monitoring