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Fluke 1503 Insulation Resistance Testers

Brand: Fluke

Model No: 1503

Order No: 1503

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Out of stock

Price : 2,720.00 SAR (Including VAT)
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The Fluke 1503 is a great choice for basic residential and commercial electrical insulation testing. This rugged, compact tool fits in the palm of your hand. 1503 is the same form factor as the Fluke 1507 but with a few fewer features. You can count on it to handle the most common tests at the most affordable price. Additional features, like the remote probe, reduce the time needed to perform repetitive testing.


 Measures AC/DC voltage from 0.1V to 600V
 Includes auto-discharge of capacitive voltage for added user protection
 Provides lo-ohms earth-bond continuity (200mA)
 Simplifies repetitive or hard-to-reach testing with the remote test probe
 Saves battery power with auto power off
 Presents results on a large, backlit display
 Features CAT IV 600V overvoltage category rating
 Comes with remote probe, test leads, test probes, alligator clips, and a one-year warranty
 Accepts optional Fluke TPAK magnetic hanging system to free your hands for other work
 Runs on four AA alkaline batteries (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6) for at least 1000 insulation tests


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